Contact MPs

We encourage you to contact your local Member and Senators, the Prime Minister and Opposition Leader.

You can search for your Member and Senators on the following page:

Don’t rush, stay relaxed, clear and polite


  • Hello, my name is _____. I live in {suburb, electorate and state}
  • I am calling today to ask {name} MP / Senator to end the humanitarian crisis on Manus Island and Nauru by evacuating the 2000 refugees and people seeking asylum to Australia for medical treatment and safety.
  • Can I speak to the MP?
  • Can I leave a message for [name] MP / Senator?
  • Does [name] MP / Senator know that refugees and people seeking asylum on Manus need medical treatment?
  • Does [name] MP / Senator know  that Australian officials are exerting political influence to deny and delay doctor’s directions for people detained on Nauru who need urgent medical treatment.
  • I ask {name} MP / Senator to acknowledge that thousands of Australians want
    • Leadership on human rights
    • Respect Australia’s multiculturalism and acknowledge that our country is built by refugees and migrants
    • An end human rights abuses
    • To bring everyone on Manus and Nauru here and keep families together in Australia
    • To Bring Them Here now
  • Use current information about what’s happening on Manus and Nauru.
  • Thank you very much for your time. Please pass on my message urgently.

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